Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies

The most lucid way to send funds safely and securely online.

Send and receive funds with peace of mind thanks to secure Blockchain technology. Store BTC offline in cold storage away from malicious online threats.


Make payments within minutes to anyone around the globe. Overseas and domestic payments have never been faster with funds arriving at their destination within minutes.


Manage transactions with peace of mind knowing that your personal data can not be shared or examined by third parties, governments or independent web users.


Bitcoin is the future of finance with over 47 million Bitcoin wallets active worldwide. More and more businesses and individuals are transitioning to the ever-growing market of digital finance.


Only wallet addresses are made public on the Blockchain network meaning that sending and receiving funds is private and no personal information will be exposed.


Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing market in the financial sector with more businesses and individual users utilising technology as the future of global payments.

Growing market

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted by merchants and businesses to purchase goods online, high street services, property, luxury goods and much more.


Top platforms aim to keep fees as low as possible with fees fixed at a couple of dollars for even the highest transactions. Immense value compared to high % visa and wire transactions.

Low fees

Digital Coins

The future of global payments lies with the ‘power 3’.

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Invented in 2009 by the mysterious person or persons, Satoshi Nakamoto, the world's leading digital coin has gone from cult following to genuine leading candidate for the future of finance.

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Launched as a crowdfunded project in July 2015, ETH is the second biggest crypto platform by market capitalisation which features smart contract technology. Ether is the currency generated by Ethereum miners.

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The most advanced Blockchain technology is used to facilitate XRP payments making global payments instant, reliable and cheap. XRP operates in over 40 countries with over 300 providers on board.

Bitcoin History

A breakdown of the most pivotal events of the No 1 Crypto.

October 31st 2008White paper
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The mysterious and anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto releases the white paper outlining the vision and theory of the very first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin!

January 3rd 2009Block 0
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The genesis block aka block 0 is created containing the first 50 Bitcoins. The block contained a hidden message hinting at the aim of Bitcoin - to make traditional banks obsolete.

May 22nd 2010First BTC purchase
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Laszlo Hanyecz makes the first ever BTC purchase, buying 2 Papa John's pizzas for 10,000BTC - equivalent to $25 at the time. In today's BTC market, this would be an eye-watering $100 million.

February 2014Mt. Gox hacked
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The largest Crypto exchange at the time was hacked, with cybercriminals taking 850,000 Bitcoin worth half a billion dollars at the time. Shortly after KYC and security measures were brought in to safeguard BTC investors.

Buying Bitcoin

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45 Million +

Active Bitcoin wallets worldwide.

Don't delay and start building your Crypto portfolio today. Take advantage of a decentralised, secure network with limitless possibilities.

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